Fresh Cut Evergreen Pillow

Fresh cut evergreen quilted Christmas tree pillow

Hi, all my crafty friends!

Lately I’ve felt like I’m crafting a lot but never finishing anything. That’s what I get for deciding to make twin size quilts for my three kids for Christmas and picking tricky patterns. Hopefully when I get done with them I’m a quilt making pro.

I took a break from Christmas gift sewing to make this fun tree pillow cover for my sweet mother for her birthday. The tree pattern is from a sew along I’m doing on Instagram with Lori Holt (author of Quilty Fun). It’s been so much fun! I posted a photo of my tree block and my mama left a comment saying how much she liked it so I turned it into this fancy pillow cover for her.

A little peak at my current chair project there too. I do love a good chair. Mix it with my favorite color (red) and it’s calling my name.

fresh cut Christmas tree quilted pillow

I still need some practice on making everything crisp. Any suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, hope all your Christmas sewing and crafting is going smoothly. Time seems to be going by double time!

Vintage Window Revamp

Vintage Window Revamp

One lazy afternoon I was checking Facebook and a lady posted on our city’s yard sale page that she had some items for free laying in her yard, first come first served. She posted a picture and there was a lot of great decor, a few desirable wooden chairs, and a couple vintage windows scattered on her front yard among some other items I had no interest in. So of course I threw all of my children in the car and raced over. Crazy people do that. :) The site pulling up was a real downer. One lady made it before me and was yelling at her son to grab the last few items I was interested in before I could get over to them. She took everything. Her car was pitched full of all the treasures I wanted to bring home with me. She gave me a look that made me want to say a few choice words…but I didn’t. I think that choice was a good one because after she pulled away I saw four vintage windows propped up against the house. In her haste she missed them. I took two and left two for whomever else might have seen the post and showed up after me.

vintage window revamp

The windows are extra large and single pane – not the most ideal type for decorating, but for free you can’t complain. I called my crafty friend Bre and we got to work to make them fabulous. We painted the bottom with chalkboard paint and, with her husband’s mad skills, turned our single pane windows into desirable multi-paned windows.

vintage window revamp and fall decor

It fits in perfectly with my other decorative items. Now I just need to find someone that’s good at writing on a chalkboard. Ha!

I’ll be posting a tutorial on making the bow banner later this week. Stay tuned.

Fruit Applique and Embroidery Pattern

fruit applique and embroidery free pattern

Good heavens, it’s been go, go, go around here. I’ve been doing a lot of canning which gave me the idea to make some cute simple towels. I’m pretty sure all of our kitchen towels are from our wedding almost nine years ago, so we’re due.

free fruit applique and embroidery pattern

I doodled these fun little fruit shapes and my awesome hubby digitized them for me. He even left the little happy face I drew on one of the cherries. I love that cherry. So cheery.

The apple is my favorite of all. I made this one into a little gift with a jar of freshly made apple sauce.

fruit applique and embroidery, free pattern

The previous homeowners planted a white peach tree in the yard. The peaches are so tasty but really hard to bottle because the color turns rather unattractive quickly. So I made a bunch of different types of jam with them. Some just white peach jam, strawberry peach, raspberry peach, and blueberry peach. All tasty and all disguise the browning peach color. The white peach alone didn’t turn out to be all that unattractive this time either.

Fruit applique and embroidery, free pattern

I haven’t had the chance to finish my embroidery set but will share them when they are done. I’m thinking they’ll make a great little gift.

You can download the free pattern for these cuties here:



Boo-tiful Halloween Crafts

Halloween Patchwork Pillow

Sometimes it takes some serious willpower to stop creating in order to take photos and post. Today I mustered up the will and photographed a few of the Halloween projects I finished up this week.

patchwork halloween pillow

I’m working up the courage and skill level to take on a few twin size quilts — the kind with actual batting and binding. [shudder] Sounds scary. I thought I’d better start off with a couple of small projects and work my way up. I’m a picky perfectionist and so far quilting has been a fun but frustrating journey. An addictive one, too.

halloween patchwork pillow and pumpkins

The patchwork squares are two and a half inches with a three inch border (19″x19″ finished).

I also made a few more pumpkins using the pattern I shared last year. They are quick to whip up. I’m pretty sure everyone I know owns one of my pumpkins now. They, too, are addictive. I’m done for the season, though, because I ran out of stuffing and crafty funds. Boo.

patchwork pillow

I’m getting better at this pillow making thing. This one is fully lined with a fab purple zipper down the back. It’s the first zipper closure pillow I’ve made. It’s a milestone worth sharing, moving up from envelope style to zipper, right? I didn’t even have to pick. The stars must have aligned that day because my seam ripper usually ends up being a part of every project at some point.

Candy corn wood craft

I also made a quick wood craft. I was checking out the cutest candy corn decorations my sister-in-law had on her mantel at my niece’s birthday earlier this month. I was thrilled when I later found similar unfinished candy corns at The Wood Connection for $1.25 each and grabbed them up. I painted the fronts and backs (each back is one of the three colors shown on the front). After the paint dried, I quickly applied a walnut stain and then used a cloth to wipe it off. And that’s it. Quick and easy. I thought of adding raffia but didn’t have any. It might have been attractive. Guess we’ll never know.