Fruit Applique and Embroidery Pattern

fruit applique and embroidery free pattern

Good heavens, it’s been go, go, go around here. I’ve been doing a lot of canning which gave me the idea to make some cute simple towels. I’m pretty sure all of our kitchen towels are from our wedding almost nine years ago, so we’re due.

free fruit applique and embroidery pattern

I doodled these fun little fruit shapes and my awesome hubby digitized them for me. He even left the little happy face I drew on one of the cherries. I love that cherry. So cheery.

The apple is my favorite of all. I made this one into a little gift with a jar of freshly made apple sauce.

fruit applique and embroidery, free pattern

The previous homeowners planted a white peach tree in the yard. The peaches are so tasty but really hard to bottle because the color turns rather unattractive quickly. So I made a bunch of different types of jam with them. Some just white peach jam, strawberry peach, raspberry peach, and blueberry peach. All tasty and all disguise the browning peach color. The white peach alone didn’t turn out to be all that unattractive this time either.

Fruit applique and embroidery, free pattern

I haven’t had the chance to finish my embroidery set but will share them when they are done. I’m thinking they’ll make a great little gift.

You can download the free pattern for these cuties here:


Boo-tiful Halloween Crafts

Halloween Patchwork Pillow

Sometimes it takes some serious willpower to stop creating in order to take photos and post. Today I mustered up the will and photographed a few of the Halloween projects I finished up this week.

patchwork halloween pillow

I’m working up the courage and skill level to take on a few twin size quilts — the kind with actual batting and binding. [shudder] Sounds scary. I thought I’d better start off with a couple of small projects and work my way up. I’m a picky perfectionist and so far quilting has been a fun but frustrating journey. An addictive one, too.

halloween patchwork pillow and pumpkins

The patchwork squares are two and a half inches with a three inch border (19″x19″ finished).

I also made a few more pumpkins using the pattern I shared last year. They are quick to whip up. I’m pretty sure everyone I know owns one of my pumpkins now. They, too, are addictive. I’m done for the season, though, because I ran out of stuffing and crafty funds. Boo.

patchwork pillow

I’m getting better at this pillow making thing. This one is fully lined with a fab purple zipper down the back. It’s the first zipper closure pillow I’ve made. It’s a milestone worth sharing, moving up from envelope style to zipper, right? I didn’t even have to pick. The stars must have aligned that day because my seam ripper usually ends up being a part of every project at some point.

Candy corn wood craft

I also made a quick wood craft. I was checking out the cutest candy corn decorations my sister-in-law had on her mantel at my niece’s birthday earlier this month. I was thrilled when I later found similar unfinished candy corns at The Wood Connection for $1.25 each and grabbed them up. I painted the fronts and backs (each back is one of the three colors shown on the front). After the paint dried, I quickly applied a walnut stain and then used a cloth to wipe it off. And that’s it. Quick and easy. I thought of adding raffia but didn’t have any. It might have been attractive. Guess we’ll never know.

Dressing Up For Disneyland

Dressing up for Disneyland

Hey everybody, it’s me Lisa Summerhays. Wanna come inside my family’s Disneyland trip photo album? Well, alright!

We are back from a week of fun and the hot, hot sun at Disneyland. Today I’m sharing what I made for my kids to wear. However, I do believe every second of picture-taking is increasingly being viewed by the kiddos as a way for Mom to mercilessly torture them. As if!

Minnie ruffle bum romper

For my youngest, I made a Minnie themed ruffle bum romper. To make it, I used the ruffle bum romper pattern from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop.

So fun! This is like a “name that ride” photo game, too!

Minnie inspired ruffle bum romper

I added some lace to the ruffles and a collar. I adore these red and white polka dots. They are from the Bonnie and Camille Miss Kate line. I do believe it’s the perfect shade of red. I love how this outfit turned out. How could I not when it shows off Quinn’s chubba-legs. Chubby babies are the cutest thing ever.

Disneyland inspired outfits

Next tortured, I mean adorable child is my son. I made him a Jack Skellington hoodie. Smart move on my part since it ended up being in the 90-100 degree weather range. He didn’t get much use out of it.

I used the BIMAA Sweater pattern by Lou Bee Clothing. We love going to Disneyland in October when the Haunted House is all decked out with the cast from Nightmare Before Christmas, so a little Jack was definitely called for.

Disneyland inspired outfits

This little four year old was a complete daredevil! He went on every fast ride he was tall enough to go on and loved them — even Tower of Terror. He’s braver than me. His excitement was contageous.

Do children not understand if they’d just stand up straight and give a happy smile then picture taking would die down to a minimum instead of a bajillion attempts to get one half-decent photo? I refrained from shaking them while explaining this concept. They are my best creations to date. I do believe it’s my right to photograph them every chance I get. I think they are heck-a-cute.

Little Mermaid inspired outfit

I also made my oldest daughter a Little Mermaid inspired outfit complete with sparkly bling. I let her wear makeup too. Yep, I sure did.

Little Mermaid inspired Disneyland outfit

The green sparkly fabric is from JoAnn’s. I’m not going to share the “pattern” on this one. I’d feel guilty doing so. It was pricey, didn’t come with any pattern pieces, and I ended up just figuring out a solutions to make it work. I don’t want another sewing reader’s frustrations from purchasing it on my conscience.

Disneyland trip 2014

And just to show you where they get their amazingly good looks, here’s a photo of my husband from our day at the beach. I know, it runs in the family.

Anybody seen the movie Clifford? The one with Martin Short? It’s a movie we watched as kids and my family quotes. While scrolling through the pictures of our trip I kept thinking of this clip from the movie. It’s my favorite.

2×4 Rustic Pumpkin

2x4 Rustic Pumpkin

I swear around this time every year I tell myself, “Lisa, that’s it. No more pumpkins! This year you shall not do a single pumpkin craft!” I actually tell myself that it’s enough. I do pumpkins galore every year, but it never seems to be enough, I guess, because here I am with more. I must say, this turned out to be one of my all-time favorite pumpkin crafts. How could you not agree, with his distressed rustic goodness?

2x4 Rustic Pumpkin Craft

A few friends and I got together to make these awesome li’l pumpkins. My friend’s husband cut the 2×4’s for us. One day I’m going to own my own saw(s). For reals. Anyway, he cut three 8-inch pieces and then cut one side of two of the 8-inch rectangles at an angle. Us ladies then sanded, painted, and distressed them. He also cut up branches from last year’s Christmas tree for the stems. Ha! I love that he’s still storing his tree and putting it to good use. Fabulous. Thanks, Markus! A little ribbon and burlap and that’s it. I did glaze mine as well because I have a obsessive compulsive glazing illness. In most instances I do believe glaze makes everything better.