Care Bears

Upcycled vintage care bear pouches

My daughter Mallory’s 7th birthday was last week. It was a Care Bear themed party. You can check out the invitations here.

Upcycled vintage care bear zipper pouches

As usual, I was running behind and ran out of photo-taking time. I did get a couple of shots of the 12 zipper pouches I made, though. They were filled with stacker bear pencils, rainbow glitter note books, and shuttle pen — some of my favorite things I had as a kid. We also found some fun rainbow cups, multicolored star suckers, and Care Bear figurines for the cupcakes.

Upcycled vintage Care Bear zipper pouches

The pouches are made out of a vintage top sheet. They all had a different colored zipper with different bears on them. I used my Zippy Critter pattern (minus the faces) to make them. They were a lot of work but the girls were so excited to get them, which made it worth the effort.

Mystery Challenge Coat

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Jacket

Some of my bloggy Facebook friends and I thought it would be fun to pair off and issue each other a mystery challenge: a crafty challenge where your partner assigns you a theme such as an era, type of animal, or color, and you use that as your inspiration for your project. My partner is the gorgeous and talented Becca Duval. We chose “bucket list” as our mystery challenge inspiration.

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Coat

I thought of quite a few “bucket list” items I’ve been wanting and meaning to do for sometime now. I decided to go with a coat.

When my daughter Mallory was little and I was just getting started on sewing, I came across this PDF Pattern for a Little Red Riding Hood coat from Puperita. I was still a beginner, I’d never used a PDF pattern before, and I was too chicken to give it a shot. Since then I’ve seen lots of other adorable coat patterns but they always sounded like a difficult undertaking or took too much fabric…I thought of lots of excuses. Anyway, thanks to Becca I can now say I’ve stopped making excuses and made a darn coat. Turns out that I was right about one thing: this size 2T/3T called for 4 yards of fabric. Oof.

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Coat

To make this coat I used the Amelia Pleated Coat PDF Pattern by Amelia and Henri.

Here’s a back view.

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Coat

It comes with a sash option too. I just don’t see my husband being all, “Come here, Quinn. Let’s tie your sash into a perfect fluffy bow” every time we are going out.

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Just Popping By

Just popping by popcorn treat box

I’ve been on a paper crafting lull for much too long. If you followed me over here from my paper crafting card site, I apologize. Thankfully, the lull is over and the urge to pull out pretty papers and create has sparked inside of me once again.

just popping by Cricut popcorn treat box

My friend requested some caramel popcorn today. I’ve been saving up these little plastic containers for a while and decided to deliver the popcorn in one of them to her. I had my Cricut out working on some party decor for my daughter’s party this week. My kids who are home for spring break have been asking to make stuff with the Cricut, so we cut out the ears of corn from the Create a Critter 2 Cricut cartridge together. We are doing our best to be a sugar-free home so I then made up more popcorn boxes to give out as well. I don’t need that sticky stuff here tempting me with its deliciousness.

Care Bear Party Invites

Cricut Care Bear Birthday Invitations by Stubbornly Crafty

My oldest daughter is turning seven. Seven. I swear she was just turning one. Where does the time go?

Cricut Care Bear Birthday Party Invitations by Stubbornly Crafty

She’s not really into any characters these days so we some brainstormed together to come up with a theme. We both love to come up with party ideas and do so often. Thinking of all the different decorations and treats we can imagine for different party ideas while riding in the car is a fun game we like to do together. Sometimes my son likes to get in on it too. They impress me with some of the creative ideas they come up with. When we did this with Care Bears, both of us came up with lots of fun ideas so we went with the cute little cuddly residents from Care-a-Lot.

Cricut Care Bear Birthday Party Invitations by Stubbornly Crafty

I used my beloved Cricut to make the invitations. The sun and cloud cuts are from the Create a Critter cartridge. I made the wording sun circle swivel so it can go behind the clouds. I thought first graders would get a kick out of that.

The ribbon rainbow isn’t as spectacular as I wanted it to be but I decided to save my funds and use supplies from my stash instead of buying new supplies to get the look I’d designed out.

Cricut Care Bear Birthday Party Invitations

I found the Care Bear images online and had them printed on a quality color printer then hand-cut them out. I was going to design my own bears but decided that you just don’t mess with an old-school icon.

Quinn’s Wardrobe – Paris

Paris Dress

I am having so much fun with sewing for an infant that could care less what you put her in. Priceless amount of joy for this seamstress. If I had the time, she’d be wearing mama-made clothes all the time. Here is the front view of a dress I just finished for her.

Paris Dress

And here is the back. This is the Paris dress by Create Kids Couture. I really need to get busy designing my own patterns for her too!

A big thanks to my fabulous hubster for getting me this dress form. I’ve been eyeing one of these for the longest time. This is the size 1-2 year dress form you can get here on Amazon. This dress is size 6-12 Months and I was afraid I was going to pop a seam trying to get it on the mannequin so I’d say it’s more like size 2-3.

Paris Dress

See? Babies are the best invention ever.