Christening Invitations

christening invitation

Their comes a time in every invitations maker’s life when they meet their match. This was the design for me.  It tried to kill me. ;)

christening invitation

It may not look too over-the-top but times it by sixty-eight and the amount of time it takes for all those little details is amazingly crazy.

christening invites

However, I love how they turned out. I made them for a customer that’s been with me from the beginning. I’ve been making invitations for five years now. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this so long.

Christening invitations

The invitations are for her little baby girl’s christening. We did it all in white with cream pearls and stitching. The insert is backed with lace.

Corners and Curtains

corners and curtains

Today I’m going to share a few of the smaller projects I’ve done in my house to put the odd corners to use.

First up, our master bedroom. It is an L shape. It has doors to the closet and bathroom on the right just inside the entry door. It’s more like a large walkway which has made it more of a dumping ground than anything else. I added our little writing desk with a distressed chair and a quilt hanger above that. My style is new mixed with vintage/antique so this corner has me written all over it.

writing area

The quilt hanging up is special to me. My mom made it for me when I left home for college. I remember her finishing up the binding while she and my dad drove me and my stuff down to my apartment. You can see other areas of my room here and here.

pantry storage

Next, I added some extra storage to our pantry in the form of baskets on the wall behind the door frame. They fit perfectly.

pantry storage

The baskets hold a bunch of the stuff that used to be on the floor, like all of those grocery sacks that seem to multiply on their own.

ruffle curtain

I realized today that I never shared the curtains I made for the kids’ bedrooms. I mean, they are pretty spectacular. They should be shown. :)

Here’s a look at Quinn’s curtain. It matches her crib bedding. The baby bunk beds are another project I’m working on. I already painted it but am still working on the bedding for them. I picked them up at a yard sale. I adore them. Raggedy Ann was also made by my talented mama.

DIY striped curtains

In my older kids’ room, I bought some cheap sheets and chopped them up to make this striped curtain.

kids room bedding and curtain

I was having a hard time finding a curtain that matched their bedding. Thus, the DIY striped curtains were born. The end. Thanks for stopping in!

Millie’s Flutter Dresses

Millie's Flutter Dress

Have I mentioned how much I love having a little girl that I can dress up? I went to take my son to his first day of preschool and there was a little girl wearing the cutest little handmade dress with a bubble necklace and matching big fat flower headband. I’m hoping Quinn will still go for Mom’s handmade dresses when she gets that age. It was adorable.

Millie's Flutter Dress

Until then I’m making sure to keep her in my dresses so she’s use to wearing them. I think that’s where I went wrong with Miss Mallory. I didn’t sew when she was a baby.

Millie's Flutter Dress

However, I have smaller nieces that are interested in wearing my little dresses. My niece requested either a church dress or Halloween costume for her birthday. Ha! Made my day. She just turned four. This is the dress I made her.

I made two at the same time so Quinn could have a new dress as well. She’s growing so fast! The dress she’s photographed wearing is a size 12-18. She’ll be 10 months tomorrow. It won’t be fitting her that long, the sweet little chunk.

I think making two at the same time is the way to go, because they went pretty quickly. Sewing a dress normally takes hours no matter what. Perfectionism.

Millie's Flutter Dress

I guess I should mention I used the Millie’s Flutter Dress by Millie Rose Patterns. I read a few reviews about the dress before making it and discovered it runs a bit on the short side. I added four inches on to this size 3T dress and two inches onto my baby’s dress.

Millie's Flutter Dress

I absolutely love how they turned out. I used the bib on Quinn’s dress from the pattern and made up the top on my niece’s dress. The bib seemed more baby-appropriate to me. I’ll definitely be using this pattern again.

Repurposed, recycled, and reinvented: Craft ideas for your old bingo materials

From wearables to rideables, here are three crafts projects to get your creative juices flowing.

One of the pieces at the State College of Florida’s “Art of the Costume: Reinvented” exhibit last year was an Elizabethan dress that looked like it came straight out of a professional Holly costume maker’s studio. While the level of craftsmanship was quite exquisite, what’s more interesting is what it was made with. You wouldn’t know just by looking at it, but apparently it was actually made from old bingo markers, cards, and other repurposed materials.

Bingo is a big deal in the US and UK, so it’s no surprise to see environmentalists use discarded bingo materials and recycle them into something useful. Gaming Realms, operator of one of the biggest bingo sites in the UK, Iceland Bingo, said that the online gaming market is expected to reach $40 billion in 2015. Just imagine how many used bingo cards and daubs will get thrown away every day in brick-and-mortar bingo halls by next year. After all, despite bingo’s online popularity, there are still millions of people who play the game in brick-and-mortar bingo halls. According to Statista, bingo revenue in the UK alone reached $41 million in 2012. Now that’s a lot of used cards and daubs that can be recycled.

Here are a few noteworthy ones that piqued our interests.

Bingo jewelry

Earrings made from old bingo markers (the little tokens you put on a bingo card to mark a number) are a common sight on sites like Etsy. Necklaces and bracelets, like the ones below by Etsy user brandyfisher, are also common.

bingo jewelry

Bingo bike

Now this one comes from the other end of the spectrum – an old item repurposed for use in bingo games. The idea is simple: attach a bingo machine to the back of an old bike and use pedal power to turn it. Throw in some audience participation and you’ve got a fun new way to enjoy bingo nights. The one pictured below is by Problem Solvers.

bingo bike

Bingo wall art

This piece from My Dear Trash is a DIY take on the bingo boards that used to be sold at Pottery Barn. What’s great about it is that not only is it way less expensive than the Pottery Barn boards, it’s also been customized to show all the dates important to creator Laura and her family. Although the images seem to have gone offline, the link above still has a tutorial so you can try making your own bingo board wall art.

bingo wall art

Minty Chair with Patchwork Pillow

minty chair with patchwork pillow

My love for wooden chairs continues. I picked up this little vintage beauty from a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.


Here’s what it looked like then. I talked her down a whole two bucks, bringing my total chair addiction cost to eight buckaroos.

Vintage high chair and patchwork pillow

As you can see, it’s a wooden high chair but is missing the tray. I mixed some white in with my leftover mint green paint from my last chair project. I love the color I ended up with. I then distressed, glazed, and waxed it.

vintage mint high chair with patchwork pillow

vintage mint high chair with patchwork pillow

I gathered some of my favorite fabric scraps and cut them into two-inch squares to make a matching patchwork pillow. I sewed in some white piping too. I’m a fan of piping.

vintage mint high chair

Here it is without the pillow. It’s even better looking in person. Hopefully someone will love it and take it home. I’d have a room just for chairs if I had the space so I could keep them all.