Ever-growing Tree Printable Christmas Kids Craft

Ever Growing Tree Kids Questionaire Free Printable

It’s that time of year where you start sending out Christmas cards, the kids will soon be home for Christmas break, and you reflect back on the last year.

I put a lot of thought into a craft you and I can do with our kids that is thought-provoking and fun — a fun evergreen Christmas-tree-shaped questionnaire for the kids. Continue reading Ever-growing Tree Printable Christmas Kids Craft

Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial

Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial by Stubbornly Crafty

This one will be more of a mini tutorial. I’m assuming if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you get the workings of putting little fabric squares together. If not, give me a shout out and I can put together a quick tutorial on how to line your squares up to get those perfect butted rows where your corners match up every single time.

If you want a tree skirt to whip up and throw under your tree all in one day, this is not the one for you, haha! Continue reading Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial

Santa Christmas Pillow {Tutorial}

santa holiday pillow tutorial

I had been searching for this super cute, retro Santa fabric all Christmas season last year in the hopes of using it to back my Christmas quilt. It’s a Joann’s print. I went to Joann’s over and over again, waiting for them to get the sweet Santas back in stock, but with no luck. It was never in stock on their website, either. I finally found a fat quarter of it on eBay and bought it. It was marked way up in price, but still totally worth it. 🙂

Without further ado, here is how to make your own patchy pillow. Continue reading Santa Christmas Pillow {Tutorial}

Paper Christmas Lights Garland [Tutorial]

christmas light strand tutorial 2

Hi, friends! It’s cold, windy, and snowing outside. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas so we might as well get started on Christmas crafts, right? This kind of weather bums me out so I went with a brightly colored craft to share with you today. One that comes together quickly and doesn’t take a lot of supplies.

Let’s get started. Continue reading Paper Christmas Lights Garland [Tutorial]

No-Sew Ruffle Christmas Tree Skirt

I know, I know, you’ve seen a bazillion and two of these tree skirts already (at least if your a Pinterest fanatic like me). If you haven’t let me lead you to a few tutorials on how to make one of these beauties. Miss Mustard Seed made a tutorial for HGTV here (my favorite tutorial). There is another tutorial here and here that use some sewing too. There are a lot more out in cyber world but those are the few I looked at. I used three inch strips of fabric and glued them two inches apart from each other.

All materials were recycled from a set of old curtains making this project free. Makes me like it even more. It took me one nap time plus a late night viewing of Biggest Loser to finish it.

Christmas Creations

Burlap Bubble Wreath, Christmas Wreath

Happy December! I can’t believe it’s already here. My sister-in-law Marianne and I went shopping a few weeks ago and found these cute skates. We both purchased a set and then got together to make the bubble wreath (tutorial found here) to dangle them in. It was one of the more frustrating projects I’ve done. The long quilting pins kept popping out. Hopefully it lasts through the month without me finding burlap square carcasses all over my porch.

Porch Decor, Christmas Greenery

I also did a bit of green garland, lights, and ornaments on my porch railing.

Christmas Mantel, Christmas garland, Gold Christmas Decor

Holiday mantel. The gold ribbon garland is really less tame in color but it’s the best photo I could do with the gloomy weather and poor lighting. The “Jingle All The Way” is a project I posted about last year here.

Ornament Wreath, Christmas DIY Wreath, Holiday Decorations

I also made one of the oh-so-popular ornament wreaths. I recommend not using glass ornaments. I dropped it a few times…it became smaller and smaller. 🙂

10 Kids Christmas Crafts

With a craft-loving 5 year old, I’m always looking for ideas on what to create with her next. Here’s a list of our favorite crafts we’ll be making this holiday season.

Paper plate snowman garland from Real Life, One Day at a Time. Love the glasses. 🙂

Salt Dough Santa Hand Ornaments from Nasagreen.

ξButton Wreath ornament from Martha Stewart.

Rice Crispy Snowmen from From The Blue Shed.

And these marshmallow snowmen from Better Homes and Garden…cause you can never have too many treats. 🙂


Mosaic penguin from Kolcraft. This project will give her a use for all the tiny little pieces she loves to cut her paper into.

A Reindeer pot from Plaid Kids Crafts. A fun little holder for treats and a gift card for her teacher.

ξSnowmen pencil toppers from Martha Stewart.

Popsicle stick nativity scene from What to Expect. A nice little reminder of what the season is really about.

And for breakfast a fun pancake Christmas tree from Midstate Mills.

I love this time of year and that I get to spend it with my family making fun crafts, eating yummy treats, and doing traditions like gingerbread houses and caroling. Bring it on. 🙂