Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts

Quinn's Quilt

I go through crafty stages where I just can’t get enough of one specific crafty adventure for a while and then I move on. I’ve been in the quilting stage for quite some time now. Last year, I made quilts for my kids for Christmas. It was quite the adventure for sure. They took way longer then I expected them to and I had a deadline to get them to the quilter to be able to have them back before Christmas. I spent many late nights and one all-nighter to get them done.

(Side note: If you like the stuffed dog in that pic, you can get the pattern here.)

Kids Quilts

Thankfully, I did get them done and to the quilter in time. Sending them out for quilting is expensive but makes them look ten times more glorious. Sadly, I didn’t get the binding done before Christmas. I discovered I am one of the slowest binders ever to walk the earth. No, really, it may actually be true. When hand-stitching, my perfectionist ways take the smallest little bites with my needle. Those suckers won’t ever come unraveled. That I can say with confidence. And I have a love for stripes.

William's Quilt

My son’s quilt is made out of 4″ half-square triangles all out of Kona solids. It’s backed in gray dots from Bonnie and Camille’s April Showers line.

Mallory's Quilt

Mallory’s quilt is made out of 9″ pinwheels. It’s backed in Michael Miller Confection Ta Da Dots.

Kid's Quilts

Those two share a room. Both of them have told me over and over again how much they love their quilts, how warm they feel with their quilts, and how thankful they are for them. I sure am a lucky mom.

Quinn's Quilt

And then there is Quinn’s quilt. Hers is made out of 3.5″ squares (3″ finished). It’s backed in a teal floral from Riley Blake’s Sidewalks line. I also refinished her headboard and made her a cute pillow using an embroidery pattern from Amy at Nana Company. If you haven’t checked out Amy’s blog you should. She makes the cutest things.

Quinn's Quilt

As you can see, I have a great love for cutting out and sewing together little squares.

Kids Quilts

I’ve made more quilts since then, but these ones are my favorite. I tried to make them cool enough so they could take them with them when they grow up. We shall see if I succeeded when that time comes.