itty bitty handmade dresses

Itty Bitty Handmade Baby Dresses

Itty Bitty Handmade Baby Dresses by Stubbornly Crafty

See, the polka dots and babies obsession continues. Love them! I also have a problem making just one when crafting, too. I find something I like and want to keep making them. These were so much fun. I’m sure you’ll see a few different versions of the same dress in the future.

Itty Bitty Handmade Baby Dress Close Up by Stubbornly Crafty

I made all of these dresses using the free pattern from Crazy Little Projects. All four are size 3-6 months. I switched it up a bit and made the skirts 12 inches long which makes them floor length. I made each one a little bit different. On this one I tried out my new ruffle foot. Love that crazy contraption.

Itty Bitty Handmade Baby Dress by Stubbornly Crafty

For this fun butterfly dress, I made the flower removable. I’m guessing the recipient might like it for a headband instead.

Itty Bitty Handmade Red & White Baby Dress by Stubbornly Crafty

This is one of my favorites. Might have something to do with my love for all things Minnie. I used my ruffle foot on the bottom. I’m digging the extra wide fringe look.

dresses 6

I’m no longer afraid of the mighty button hole either. Small victories, right? Baby steps improvements and I’ll be on my way to Project Runway in no time. Ha, dreaming, just dreaming!

Hope you dig these little cuties as much as I do. Thanks for stopping in!


Oh yes, entering these into Nap Time Crafters sew off too! Be ready to vote for me. 😉

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  1. You had a little girl dress on here from 2013 and I wondered if you have the pattern. It was aqua with red and tied at the shoulder. Need a size 3T pattern if you have it.

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