Little Charmer Collared Baby Bib

Little Charmer Colllared Baby Bib PDF PatternHey friends, I’m so excited it’s February. It’s going to be a fabulous month!

I’m not a huge fan of the winter time. I get down being stuck inside with the snow and the cold, but February hits and my mood starts to lift as the weather starts to show signs of warming up here and there. Today we even walked to church. My kids didn’t even wear coats. It was glorious!

On top of that, it’s my husband’s and my eleventh wedding anniversary this month and my sisters, mom, and I are going on our very first girl’s trip. Woohoo! Mood enhancers all over the place.

Plus, yep, there’s more — I finally finished another pattern. I’ve been putting it off for ages. And I’ve already drafted and sewn up the next one to come, too. Gasp! It’s a miracle. Continue reading Little Charmer Collared Baby Bib

Ever-growing Tree Printable Christmas Kids Craft

Ever Growing Tree Kids Questionaire Free Printable

It’s that time of year where you start sending out Christmas cards, the kids will soon be home for Christmas break, and you reflect back on the last year.

I put a lot of thought into a craft you and I can do with our kids that is thought-provoking and fun — a fun evergreen Christmas-tree-shaped questionnaire for the kids. Continue reading Ever-growing Tree Printable Christmas Kids Craft

Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial

Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial by Stubbornly Crafty

This one will be more of a mini tutorial. I’m assuming if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you get the workings of putting little fabric squares together. If not, give me a shout out and I can put together a quick tutorial on how to line your squares up to get those perfect butted rows where your corners match up every single time.

If you want a tree skirt to whip up and throw under your tree all in one day, this is not the one for you, haha! Continue reading Patchwork Tree Skirt Tutorial

Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts

Quinn's Quilt

I go through crafty stages where I just can’t get enough of one specific crafty adventure for a while and then I move on. I’ve been in the quilting stage for quite some time now. Last year, I made quilts for my kids for Christmas. It was quite the adventure for sure. They took way longer then I expected them to and I had a deadline to get them to the quilter to be able to have them back before Christmas. I spent many late nights and one all-nighter to get them done.

Continue reading Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts

Kawaii Candy Containers

Kawaii Candy Container Tutorial

My nine-year-old is always looking for fun crafts to do with her friends. So, a few weeks ago we planned out these cute kawaii candy containers and last week she called a few friends over to make them with her. Planning out projects is one of her favorite things to do. She and I are a little kawaii-crazy and so this is what we came up with. I thought I’d do a quick tutorial on how to make them for any of you who may have a craft-loving kid as well.

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Sea Turtle Quilt Block

Sea Turtle Quilt Block Tutorial by Stubbornly Crafty

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. My computer crashed. Saddest. Day. Ever. My sweet husband and a ward friend worked on getting it back up and running for me. It’s had a nice overhaul now and is working better than it has in ages. All my files were backed up and I’m feeling pretty lucky. It could have been worse for sure.

Anyway, a while back I posted a tutorial for a crab quilt block that I designed. I’ve designed a few more sea creature blocks to go with it. Continue reading Sea Turtle Quilt Block

Tiny Hexies and Squares

hexie towel

As I mentioned last week I’m working on downsizing my unfinished project pile(s). It’s been a little tricky with it being summer and having the kids home. We’ve been out doing things together, which is fun and fabulous, but means the late hours of the night are morphing into my crafting time again. If I could choose a superpower, it would be to have more time or two of me so I could do it all.

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