Elephant Bib & Binkie Holder Pattern & Tutorial

Elephant Bib & Binkie Holder Pattern/Tutorial by Stubbornly Crafty

My awesome sister-in-law just had a little baby boy. She shared a photo of some combo bib binkie holders with me on Facebook. I thought they were pretty handy but not so cute, so I went to work designing a bib/binkie holder that was a bit more my style. Thus was born the elephant bib whose trunk holds your little one’s binkie for him/her. You can always make the ears out of minkie too and make it a bib/binkie holder/burp cloth triple threat. Why not? Continue reading Elephant Bib & Binkie Holder Pattern & Tutorial

Butterfly Pretzels & Cinnamon Sticks

butterfly pretzels and cinnammon sticks

I’m in the stage of life where everything revolves around kids. I have three little rug rats of my own at home. I go to church and teach a group of six- and seven-year-olds. I go in to help in the classrooms of my two oldest kids every week and plan the class parties. I babysit kids. My kids have lots of fabulous friends over to play.

I get asked all the time, “What can we eat?” “Can we make something?” “I’m hungry, can I have a snack?” “What treat did you bring us?” and “What can we do?” Continue reading Butterfly Pretzels & Cinnamon Sticks

Shake, Roll, & Mold Valentine’s Day Love Bug Game

love bug Valentine's day game with free printable

As I have mentioned, I’m the room mom for my daughter’s third grade class. The Valentine’s Day party is coming up and I am not finding much that looks like fun for a bunch of eight- and nine-year-olds out there in cyberspace. They think they are too old for a lot of the cutesy crafts and kid games I’ve done in years past. The boys love anything hands-on where they get to create something, make a little bit of a mess, and use their imaginations. So here’s the game I came up with for one of the six stations we do: it’s a spin-off of the ol’ roll a jack-o-lantern or tree game.  Continue reading Shake, Roll, & Mold Valentine’s Day Love Bug Game

Button Heart Photo Canvas

Button Heart Photo Canvas

I’m that annoying friend. The one you send a Pinterest photo to and say, “Hey, let’s all get together and make this cute craft!” Then on the day of the craft you have that one friend that can’t follow directions and makes something completely different while everyone else is following the tutorial as closely as they can. I’m that friend off to the side pulling out extra sparkles and ribbons and cutting up her supplies cause they just aren’t the right shape. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it ends up a hot mess and out on the curb for the garbage man. Continue reading Button Heart Photo Canvas