Mystery Challenge Coat

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Jacket

Some of my bloggy Facebook friends and I thought it would be fun to pair off and issue each other a mystery challenge: a crafty challenge where your partner assigns you a theme such as an era, type of animal, or color, and you use that as your inspiration for your project. My partner is the gorgeous and talented Becca Duval. We chose “bucket list” as our mystery challenge inspiration.

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Coat

I thought of quite a few “bucket list” items I’ve been wanting and meaning to do for sometime now. I decided to go with a coat.

When my daughter Mallory was little and I was just getting started on sewing, I came across this PDF Pattern for a Little Red Riding Hood coat from Puperita. I was still a beginner, I’d never used a PDF pattern before, and I was too chicken to give it a shot. Since then I’ve seen lots of other adorable coat patterns but they always sounded like a difficult undertaking or took too much fabric…I thought of lots of excuses. Anyway, thanks to Becca I can now say I’ve stopped making excuses and made a darn coat. Turns out that I was right about one thing: this size 2T/3T called for 4 yards of fabric. Oof.

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Coat

To make this coat I used the Amelia Pleated Coat PDF Pattern by Amelia and Henri.

Here’s a back view.

Amelia Pleated Ruffle Coat

It comes with a sash option too. I just don’t see my husband being all, “Come here, Quinn. Let’s tie your sash into a perfect fluffy bow” every time we are going out.

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    • She’s only 5 months old right now. I made it for when she can walk. I didn’t think at her age or when she’s crawling age she’d appreciate the collar up in her face. Only 18 months until she’ll fit in it…I can’t wait. Ha!

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  2. Wow!!! i love it. I do have this pattern but can not decide what type of material to use, cotton or a twill? what did you use?

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