Quinn’s Wardrobe – Paris

Paris Dress

I am having so much fun with sewing for an infant that could care less what you put her in. Priceless amount of joy for this seamstress. If I had the time, she’d be wearing mama-made clothes all the time. Here is the front view of a dress I just finished for her.

Paris Dress

And here is the back. This is the Paris dress by Create Kids Couture. I really need to get busy designing my own patterns for her too!

A big thanks to my fabulous hubster for getting me this dress form. I’ve been eyeing one of these for the longest time. This is the size 1-2 year dress form you can get here on Amazon. This dress is size 6-12 Months and I was afraid I was going to pop a seam trying to get it on the mannequin so I’d say it’s more like size 2-3.

Paris Dress

See? Babies are the best invention ever.

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