Halloween Stitchery

halloween embroidery

Crafting is my favorite (obviously, ha!). Especially when I get to craft with some of my favorite people. My mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, and I made these fun little stitchery projects together. My favorite is the little witch with her whacked out green hair. She definitely stuck her finger in a socket a time or two.


I’ve always been interested in learning how to embroider. I’ve done a little before but not much. There are so many fun little details you can add with such a skill. It must take a lot of practice to get those tiny little stitches uniform. That or I just struggle with it.

halloween embroidery alternate view

We used a Bareroots pattern, #149 Halloween Stitchery.

Fall Wax Canvas Art Tutorial


finished leaf art

I’ve been thinking of some new fall crafts to do. I like to make at least one new decoration for each season/holiday every year. Here is a quick little tutorial on the first crafty decoration I came up with.


  • Canvas / frame
  • Crayons in color(s) of your choice, wrappers removed.
  • Freezer paper
  • Template shape of your choice (I found the one I used here)
  • Pencil
  • Candle


leaf art supplies

Take your freezer paper and tape it to your table, shiny side up. Cut a piece of canvas a few inches bigger than your frame and tape it over top the freezer paper. This way your canvas won’t stick and your table is protected. Cut out and then trace your template on the middle of your canvas.

leaf art melted crayons


Using your candle melt the end of your crayon. Please excuse my flesh wound. I burned myself ironing. 🙂

leaf art in progress


Press the unsharpened end (the wrong end) of your crayon to your canvas somewhere inside your template making a small dot. Be careful not to drip or splatter on your canvas. Keeping a plate under my candle helped this so I could move it around to avoid hauling my crayon long distances. Continue this step until the inside of your shape is filled.

leaf art on mantel


I may have used a few too many colors. I’d like to make a second one (maybe our last name initial) in multiple shades of the same color. If anyone does this, please share!