Elephant Pincushion

I was pretty bummed out when I realized the elephant pattern I purchased only has two legs. (You can see the larger version here.) I’m slow I guess and didn’t notice. He’s cute with only two but he doesn’t stand up and I wanted him to. So, I decided to figure it out and make him have four legs. It took a try or two…and it will take a try or two more until I get it just right but we’re getting there.

I printed the original pattern out at 50% to make a smaller version pincushion to gift to a neighbor. I adorned her sweet elephant with some Patti Young pins as well. Who doesn’t like extra cute pins?

Yes, I realize there is a 4 legged elephant pattern out there. Why I didn’t just buy it in the first place beats me. However, getting it now would be like paying for the same thing twice. Even though I really want that pattern as well it just seems silly to buy a second pattern that similar. I’ll just have to start a Christmas wish list pin board. :) Thank you for reading my ramblings and stopping in!  


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  1. I LOVE HIM.. even with his two legs!! The fabric is great!

    I REALLY hope you are planning on sharing this over at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!! :)

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