Dresser Before & After

It’s done. It’s finally done. The snow was my motivation to hurry it up. It definitely took longer than I thought it would. Thankfully, I my little sister was willing to be roped into helping me with the sanding. Brilliant idea on my part. I got to spend time with her and get all the sanding done in half the time it would take me by myself. Thanks, Sierra!

I love how it turned out and am excited to have an attractive piece of furniture in my bedroom. Our old dresser is so downright ugly, I hid it in the closet. Can’t wait to move it out and get a few more shoe racks. Then I have an excuse to go shoe shopping, right?

This was my first go at staining. It took more coats than I thought it would but was fun to watch the top transform in the process. My first time using paste finishing wax too. Love that stuff! It was so quick and easy with very little mess. I’m sold.

There’s my cute little family. I wrapped the canvas myself and didn’t do the most amazing job. My husbands head was so close to the top I had to really work at not cutting his head off while wrapping. I bought the photo (20X30) at Costco for eight bucks. The canvas was the matching Pooh Bear to my Eeyore canvas redo.