Try Something New- Recipes

Here we are continuing on with my goal to try something new each week which includes at least one recipe. Last week I tried three. All came from the same site.

First we tried Honey Lime Enchiladas which a friend posted a link to on facebook so I jumped at the change to check it out. They were a bit too sweet for us and the chili powder was a bit overpowering too. Cut back on honey and chili powder and they’d be perfect. Props to those who make a living photographing food. It’s not easy.

I love Andes Mints so these Andes Mint Brownies sounded perfect for me. It’s the first time in a long time my family has finished off a 9X13 pan of brownies without wasting one. Thank goodness or I’d have been mad I wasted a whole bag on mints. :)

This little guy has been sick all week. His sister too but not half as terrible as William. Poor kids…and this mom has been feeling frazzled.

So after making this Poor Man’s Stroganoff last night (completely necessary to add half a cup extra sour cream and beef broth to thin out the clumpy mass it turned out to be after following the recipe. Really tasty though).
I was putting the last bowl in the dishwasher, it slipped, and my 9X13 Pyrex pan shattered into a bazillion pieces. I wore gloves to clean it up but a piece still went through my glove and into my finger. Not awesome. Out of band aids. Double not awesome. Then I was taking my brand spankin’ new towels for the master bath (it’s coming along!) upstairs with a pair of my crafting scissors and gouged the living daylight out of one of them. I love those towels. I bought them on clearance at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so no returning it. Bummer. Hopefully this week goes a bit smoother.

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2 Responses to Try Something New- Recipes

  1. dang. sorry about you pan and towel! Totally stinks!! That boy of yours is the cutest boy I’ve ever seen!! :) And I LOVE you next post with the pumpkins. I don’t want to be mean to the person who originally posted them, but yours are WAY stinking cuter ;)

  2. reminds me of the time I put a knife through my pyrex pan cutting carmels that had gotten a little too done. I hate to lose my cookwear!

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